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Living Room Furniture, Oak Furniture and more

Living Room Furniture

Living rooms are typically the most spacious areas in a home. It is where friends and relatives gather to enjoy light conversations or intimate moments. Coffee tables, side tables, and sofas are the buildings blocks you need to put together a vibrant ambiance. Consider living room furniture an investment. Look for sturdy wood frames and steel springs that will make your pieces last. Go for classic silhouettes and versatile pieces that are always trendy and functional.

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Oak Furniture

Oak furniture is a popular choice for people who value longevity. Since oak is a hardwood, it is resistant to any insect or fungal attack. It doesn’t breakdown easily, stains well, and suits any type of motif from traditional to modern designs. Natural oak furniture is honey coloured while Tiger oak carries distinct stripy lines. Burr and Pippy oak have the popular “cat’s paw” look and white oak is known for its rings. While all these materials come at a cost, you can expect lasting durability and beauty worthy of the investment.

Oak Coffee Table

Coffee tables are multifunctional pieces that also serve as the focal points in any space. When selecting a coffee table, consider your lifestyle and available floor space. Wooden types like an oak coffee table are often used to by people with active lifestyles since it both durable and easy to clean. Wood also recreates warmth and conveys a homey feel to the space. Furniture, no matter how simple or elegantly made, breathes life into an austere, empty space. It can evoke different moods or convey a particular persona. Before rushing to the store, take a few moments to sketch a layout of your space. Play around with fabrics and materials. Only then will you be able to make a space inviting and vibrant.

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Bedroom Furniture

A bedroom is a personal sanctuary. It is a spot for relaxation or enjoying some precious alone time. Essential bedroom furniture is comprised of a bed, a dresser, a bedside table, seats and an armoire. When choosing a bed, consider the height and weight of the person who’ll use it. Choose frames that are sturdy and made of quality materials. If the retailer allows it, try out the mattress for a month or two. See if you find it comfortable. Invest in dressers, seats, tables, that have multiple storage features to prevent clutter.

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Console Table

A console table is a trendy piece and a storage solution in one. Before you go out and pick one, know its purpose in your living space. It can provide support for additional lamps or a stand to showcase your collection of vases. It’s sleek and minimalistic; perfect for contemporary looks.

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